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8410 Harper's Ferry Road
Springwater NY 14560

Phone: (585) 750-6288

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Amanda’s Garden has the plants you need to create a native, sustainable earth-friendly garden full of eye-catching perennials. Whether you’re looking for pollinator-friendly plants or luscious colors, or want to make your landscape more sustainable, we have the perfect plants for you! Wildflower perennials bring unmatched beauty to your garden. Using Native plants is an ecologically sound practice. Amanda's Garden produces high quality plants from seeds, spores, divisions, and cuttings. All plants are nursery propagated. We will help you select the perfect plants for your needs.

The Northeast is rich in a diverse palette of native wildflowers, grasses and ferns. We grow many of these marvelous plants for you from seed, spores, cutting and divisions. Encourage native birds, butterflies, insects, and other animals with native plants from Amanda's Garden.

The emphasis of business practices at Amanda's Garden is on the preservation of native species, the production of high quality, healthy plant stock and meeting the unique needs of each customer. What this means to our customers is that we will pay particular attention to their needs, take the time to learn about their preferences and conduct site assessments and research habitat histories in order to create attractive, easy to maintain and ecologically efficient landscape.

What you plant does matter!

Employs Certified Nursery and Landscape Professionals (CNLPs): Yes

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