Batavia Turf


6465 Transit Road
Elba NY 14058

Phone: 800 333-1472
FAX: 585 548-2259

At Batavia Turf we grow the finest quality Ketucky bluegrass and Kentucky bluegrass fescue blends. Our sod is available in Small Roll, 10 square feet and Large Roll, 270 square feet and can be harvested from Both Organic (muck) and Sandy Mineral soils to supply all your sod needs. Call for a free estimate and see our website by clicking on the web link.

Employs Certified Nursery Professionals (CNPs): No

This member's offerings are shown below:

Lawn services and products offered:
  • Sod
  • Roll out service offered for large roll sod
  • Sod Staples
  • Batavia Turf Sod Match Seed
  • Starter Fertilizer
  • Batavia Turf Booster Fertilizer
  • Dura Edge Infield Mix products