Education Day

Reasons for your participation as an exhibitor at this conference

  • Constant traffic on exhibitor space, ensuring high visibility
  • Trade show time morning, noon hour and afternoon break
  • Exhibitor recognition in Association newsletter, website, program announcements, seminars and conference program
  • Quality education sessions drawing clients to the event

Monday February 6

4:00 – 7:00 PM tentative exhibitor setup

7:00 – 9:00 PM speaker, committee vendor reception (Dutch treat)

Tuesday February 7

6:00 AM Exhibitor set up, complete by 7:00

7:00 Trade show, continental breakfast, onsite attendee registration & silent auction

8:00 Welcome & sponsor irecognition

8:30—9:30 Keynote David Mellor, Boston Red Sox

9:30 trade show & silent auction

10:00 seminars continue

Noon – 1 PM Lunch, Trade Show & silent auction

1:00 PM Seminars continue

2:00 PM trade show & final silent auction bids

2:30 PM Seminars continue (trade show closes)

4:30 PM Social mixer, silent auction results, program evaluation

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Milton CAT

MTE turf Equipment

American Equipment

DJM Bobcat of Finger Lakes

LakeLand Equipment- John Deere

Admar Supply

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Upcoming Events:
9/30 – Annual Golf and Picnic
10/6 – Demo and Dine
11/2016 – Annual Elections TBD
12/2016 – Annual Christmas Party